Few other sports encompass the theatrical displays of human struggle, strength, and violence that have come to define boxing. ‘After The Last Round’ is a feature documentary that takes you inside the sport of boxing, exposing its life changing effects on the fighters and their families, both inspirational and tragic.

Often the target of philosophical and sociological debates, the act of pugilism sets itself apart from its athletic contemporaries because its blatant displays of violence and physical intent to harm. Unlike films that have chosen to glorify the sport or blindly condemn it, ‘After The Last Round’, gives a courageously honest look at the many facets of boxing.

The film weaves together the stories of fighters, active and retired, while revealing the controversy and social fascination surrounding the “sweet science”. Through the eyes of the fighters, their families, and the boxing community you will see how the sport has shaped both the individual and our culture. Both character-driven and informative, the film shows each characters unique journey exposing the surprising similarities in every boxer's plight. The line between athletic achievement and self-destruction is blurred when the controversial and sometimes disastrous realities of boxing are put out on the table. From fighters coping with the long-term physical effects of their careers, to those seeking championship glory, the film encapsulates the world of prizefighting in a way never before seen.

‘After The Last Round’ uncovers the personal triumphs and heartbreaking outcomes of those who have chosen a life between the ropes.


“Gracefully Brutal.”

Santa Barbara News-Press

“After the Last Round puts a human face on boxing's dark side. ”

Ron Shelton
Director — Bull Durham